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TvNewsLies would like to thank our generous supporters for their donations! Below you will find a partial list of how your donations are being used.

TVNL, LTD. is a nonprofit 501(3)(c) corporation.

Our goal is to use the bulk of the donations to advertise our message and alert the public about media deception. We feel that we must inform the public about the dangerous problem of media deception in this country. It is not enough to preach to the choir, we must reach out and educate the people who are totally unaware of the problem or of the extent of the problem. We are trying to do this with enticing messages (ads) that make people want to poke around and see what this site is all about. Ads can be very affordable ($8 for 10,000 text links of a little site), or they can be rather expensive, $2500 and up for the big sites.

So far our first ads have been extremely successful. When we started this site we were hoping that by September 2003 we would be getting 100 visitors per day. Well I can tell you that it is only August and our daily readership is in the multi-thousands, with new people visiting every day. Hundreds of web sites around the world have permanent links to us because they support our mission. This is wonderful news!

While a portion of the donations are spent on operating costs (web hosting, office supplies etc.), the bulk of the donations are being spent on getting the message out. A great deal of money went towards producing the Loaded Deck, which has turned out to be a successful advertisement in itself! The cards are sparking interest and they are drawing people to this site. You are making a difference! Here are some of the place we have been able to advertise thanks to your donations:

PLEASE HELP us to fight media deception! DONATE NOW!

August 2003:

  • 1.5 million banner impressions on the Opera web browser ad window.
  • 3 months of rotating banner ads on
  • 10,000 banner ads on the Nation magazine web site
  • Small ad on
  • Small ad on
  • We subscribed to several international news feeds including NWI and BBC. This helps us to monitor the international perspective on US events. We now get Canadian (CBC), Japanese (NHK) and German news feeds too,
  • We are now able to start production on our next huge promotional project. This project should have global reach and we hope it draws attention to problems with our media, to this site and to our cause in general as did the Loaded Deck.
  • 1 month of rotating banner ads on the Sierra Times web site
  • 50,000 text ad impressions on

September 2003

  • 10,000 banner ads on the Nation magazine web site.
  • 1 month of banner ads on
  • 1 month of banner ads on - One of the web’s most popular sites.
  • WE ARE NOW AN INTERNET RADIO SHOW! We were able to afford a telephone line (for taking calls on the air), a speaker phone, a mic & cables.
  • Purchased a notbook computer to be used for remote updates to the site, and as a monitoring system for our live webcasts. During the webcast we have to monitor the broadcast sound levels, read listener e-mail, read listener instant messages, monitor messages from our assistiant editor and at the same time we need to read articles from the web. Having the second computer makes this possible. The price of the system was $1150.

Octorber 2003

  • Small ad on
  • 10,000 banner ads on the Nation magazine web site.

November 2003:

  • Small ad on
  • Small ad on
  • 1 million banner impressions on the Opera web browser ad window.
  • $500 filing fee for the IRS. We are a 501 (3)(c) nonprofit corporation. The fee was for filing for our tax exempt status.
  • 3 months of banner ads on

December 2003:

  • 1 Day ad at
  • 1 month banner ad on

Feburary 2004

  • DVD writer for vidio project
  • Postage system for mass maiings and for shipping donation gifts. It costs us $100 per year but it saves us $0.44 per parcel shipped.
  • Postal scale (approx $50(

March 2004:

  • 1 month ad
  • 3 month ad at
  • New color printer (for flyer distribution) (only $87)
  • 100,000 text ads at

April 2004:

  • Advertisement on
  • Video capture hardware for video project
  • Advertisement on
  • Printer ink for flyer distribution
  • Advertisement on
  • 2 purchases of extra bandwidth. We set a monthly record for bandwidth!

May Through August 2004:

  • Ad on
  • Ad on
  • Ad on
  • Ad on
  • Replacement network router
  • Replacement KVM switch for computer systems
  • Several small ads on various web sites.
  • Web host fees (we switched hosts.
  • Ad on
  • Ad on

PLEASE HELP us to fight media deception! DONATE NOW!

We are currently negotiating several other advertisement possibilities. If you have any ideas for us regarding advertising please e-mail us at

We will update this as long as the donations continue.

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