Establishment Media's Massive Mislabeling


One of the main missions of is to make the public aware of obvious media deception. I often tell people that they don't have to really believe anything I tell them. All I do is point things out for them to see for themselves. I show people that on a daily basis, make that a virtual minute by minute basis, the establishment media hold up life's apples and spend all their energy convincing you that they are oranges. All I do is tap you on the shoulder and point out the apples. I figure that eventually you'll stop falling for the deception. Wishful thinking on my part.

Anyway, I thought I'd make a tiny list of common aspects of the apple/orange misdirection effort headed up by our criminal establishment media. You know...your enemy. Some people call them the "mainstream media". Not me. There is nothing mainstream about them. They are criminal bastards. Calling them mainstream would be like calling a pedophile an average guy.

So here is some food for thought as I see it...just a few examples off the top of my head...

Mislabeled for your consumption by the criminal American establishment media:

LabelShould be Reason
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Protect America From WMD If we were told that Iraq had to face the wrath of the US military because they posed a threat to us due to weapons of mass destruction, then why was the operation mislabeled from the start? You see they knew there were no WMDs so they could not have a name that reminded the people of this. The media worked hard to make sure that the public remained confused about the reasons for the invasion because the public was never told the actual reasons. It sure as hell was not about WMD and the people who named the project knew it.
Israel is a "Democracy" Israel is a Theocracy
Our politicians and criminal media continue to refer to Israel as a democracy. In the same breath the call Israel a Jewish state. Well, which is it? If it is a Jewish state then it is a theocracy, and we should call it that. It is a theocracy, just like Iran and Saudi Arabia. If you don't believe it...just dress up like an Arab and go there on vacation. "Democracy" will be the last word on your mind.
War on Terror War of Terror
The so called war on terror is designed to keep you in a constant state of terror. It is not designed to keep you feeling safe at all. From the psychological fear mongering on the NYC subways each day as they make constant announcements reminding to stay alert, report any suspicious findings, etc., to the storm troopifacation of our local police departments, we have lived every minute of every day in a rich environment of government supplied terror reinforcement.
President Bush
Enemy Domestic Bush I don't know how much more evidence is required, or how many more people have to be sentenced to prison terms related to the 2000 & 2004 elections, before the people of this nation realize that we are living under a coup. The current occupants of our executive branch are enemies and the only reason that you have not formed lynch mobs is because they don't have foreign accents. What took place at the polls was nothing short of a coup.
National Security Secure from the Nation
When information is requested from government officials and they refuse for reasons of "national security", there is a good chance that they are telling the truth. The only thing is that they don't mean it in the way you think they do. Example: when your government told you that John F. Kennedy was killed by a lone nut, and that nut is dead, nobody is in danger anymore...according to their explanation. So when they tell you that you can not see the files related to the investigation, for 99 years...due to national clearly is not because the nation's security is being threatened. After all the threat is dead...according to them. What they mean is that if the public, or the citizens of this nation saw the records...THEY would be in danger. The nation would pose a threat to them...the culprits. Keep that in mind when you can't see Dick Cheney's energy policy records or anything related to 9/11.
Environmental Prtection Agency
Environmental Terrorist Protection Agency
With the exceptions of the Justice Department, Congress and the "Mainstream Media", no entity in this nation is more grossly mislabeled than the EPA under the Bush administration. I don't even know where to start on this one. Just do some research. What you will find is truly astonishing. Talk about the enemy of all life on Earth! Jeez!
The Federal Reserve
The Criminal International Banking Cartel
The Federal Reserve is not part of the US government. It is a cartel of private banks that illegally seized control of the "money" business. They don't answer to anyone. Their money is based on nothing but the paper on which it is printed. And the very existence of the Fed stands as the single biggest scam ever pulled on civilized humanity other than religion, that is. Lou Dobbs won't mention this however!
The Military is Protecting our Freedom Enemies Domestic are Destroying our Freedom
During my 44 years on this planet the US military has not fired a single shot or killed or tortured a single human being to protect me or you from a foreign threat. Any nation that tries to take away your freedom would have to invade our shores. That would mean obliteration for any invaders and perhaps us to. But nobody is going to come here and take over. It's impossible. The only people who can take away your freedom are US legislators on Capital Hill, the US Supreme Court and the person who occupies the oval office. Nobody is coming to our shores to take our freedom away. The Bush administration and the US Congress are doing just that. We need the military to obey their oath and protect the Constitution, which is under attack from within, not from overseas.
Alternative Media Legitimate Media
The so called alternative media is now the only source of complete and accurate information available to the American people. The establishment media are in the perception management business. They don't let you know what your leaders are up to. They don't tell you what technologies can help or harm you. They pretty much don't tell you anything useful. Read our news page any time of day and ask yourself if there are items up there that you feel should get a little attention by the broadcast media. Remember, the deception lies in the dissemination and propagation of information. If one reporter does a story about a water powered car, something that can change the world, and the rest of the media ignore it, you can bet that this information is being contained. This is how it works, in a nutshell.
Mainstream Media
America's Worst Enemy Do I really have to explain this one?

How many of these did you fall for? How many more are you going to fall for? What's it going to take to once and for all wake this nation up? Care to help me? - Jesse Richard - Editor,