VIDEO: America's Worst Enemy: The Mainstream Media - An Explanation, A Challenge & A Solution

Regardless of the issue, the one thing standing between your cause and the resolution of your cause is the mainstream media. Today's media are in place to do one thing, create and maintain a false reality. They ensure that the actions of the ruling elite, government included, are kept out of the public conscience.
In this brief video Jesse Richard, Founder of, explains how media deception works and shows you how to see it for yourself. He issues a challenge to the collective body of the establishment media and he provides a realistic and achievable solution to the problem.
A key point made in this commentary is that the public has only been receiving news reports that are politically divisive. This creates a misconception that bias is the key problem with our media. This is a false perception. The key problem has more to do with what does not get reported than what does.
There are thousands of issues that are intentionally hidden by the establishment media. These issues are hidden because they would unite the nation against the ruling class and against our elected officials. The key point of this commentary is to awaken people into seeing how we are being manipulated.
Please post a link to this video in as many places as you can. Let us unite in liberty and take back our world from the ruling elite.