VIDEO: Ron Paul is Not Alone. FINALLY, Senators Speak Honestly About the Federal Reserve


Attention Ron Paul supporters, and "End the Federal Reserve" finally may have some more politicians willing to stand up to the Federal Reserve! While they might not be going for the jugular, it appears that a few brave souls are trying to kick down the iron curtain hiding the money masters at the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel that essentially took ownership of our monetary system. The plan to do this was hatched in secret, where the men who planned this scheme went as far as to use fake names and disguises so as to hide their identity from the public. The Federal Reserve Act, unconstitutionally placed all control (and ownership) of money in the hands of private bankers. In essence, that act placed ownership of the Unites States in the hands of private individuals. Several years after the Fed took over, a tax was placed on our wages; this is known as income tax. This, too, is unconstitutional and unnecessary because the only use of income tax is to pay the interest on the money lent to our government by the Federal Reserve.

The U.S.government has to borrow its own money and it has to pay interest for borrowing it. Does this make sense? Is there any entity in the world that would charge itself interest? The scam can't get more obvious than that! President John F, Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110, basically stripping the Fed of their monopoly on our money. This act returned the right to print currency (based on silver) to the U.S. Treasury, as decreed in the U.S. Constitutional. No president has had the courage or desire to act on that order. Congress has virtually pretended that this scandal does not exist. And our media...well, they lie about everything, - especially faux heroes of the people like Lou Dobbs.

With the exception of Dr. Ron Paul, who does so on a regular basis, we rarely see a member of our Congress brave or uncorrupted enough to speak honestly about this issue. That is, until now. Please watch this video and call in your support to the brave men who speak in defense of the legitimate governance of our monetary system.