VIDEO: Red State/Blue State: How the Media Tear Our Nation Apart


The founder of gives a brief explanation of how the establishment media create and maintain the false perception that our nation is divided into two opposing political communities.

There are hundreds of vital issues on which most Americans stand united. If the American public was aware of many of these issues they would unite to oppose our leaders and other establishment figures. By controlling the discussions of the day and by hiding the important issues, the media create an impression that Americans are divided along party lines on almost every issue of import.

The underlying message in this brief commentary is that while we will never agree on all issues, our nation is not as divided as we are led to believe. The true divide in this nation is not political, it is informational. If real news were reported to the majority of Americans, a majority would stand united in outrage over what really takes place at the hands of those who make decisions that affect our lives.

In a final plea Jesse Richard asks all Americans: "Help me tear down that wall, the wall between information and the American public, - the wall known as the establishment media!"