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Top Ten Things to Believe (or Not)

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Each new day starts off with me being wrong.  It's been this way for months and months -- every single day.  It's morning again, and I couldn't have been more wrong. Again.

A new day has arrived, and BAM!  Donald proves me wrong, once more, that he CAN, in fact, top what he said in all those OTHER previous days I had, way back when, of daily disbelief... days in which, every day, I somehow thought it impossible for him to top himself, and keep topping himself.  But he did, every day, just as he does now -- just as he's been doing for almost a year.

The off-the-wall comments began in relatively small and unimportant ways -- strange, but not too strange.  Still-connected-to-the-planet strange.

Canny move:  Saying something outrageous, and being outrageous, and doing so outrageously, providing himself a free media pipeline for his every sideshow and apparent misstep.  After all, people rubberneck at accidents.  People are busy, but everyone has time for a Fool.

Besides:  There is no more shame, after all -- and any rage has long ago been redirected at false targets.  Offering a free bullhorn to an egomaniac or sociopath or narcissist -- take your pick -- is like having everything you love, all at once, on steroids, while on hallucinogens and mood boosters.

[Starry Night, you say?  Just a half-forgotten wisp of a lesser dream, that old thing...]

It's the simplicity and brilliance of the damned thing, propaganda:  Make the lies huge, tell them often enough, and they all go right down the gullet, like buckets of honeyed-heroin ice cream.

However, this supposition, of a propaganda plan in motion, works only if we're still going to judge Trump as if he were still sane, plotting his masterful campaign.  Thing is: The outer skin of what's happening now could also stretch equally well to reveal or conceal if he's following someone else's masterful plan, laid out, plotted, and agreed-to, years back.

We stop seeing calculating plans and clear intent the moment any of us think something's actually, really, very wrong -- be it chemically, emotionally, physically, mentally.  That locus of reality cross-over has been worn out for so long it is now razor thin.  Behaviors and signs get increasingly difficult to decode, because Trump is a man with strange histories, whose persona, ego, and self have been built on the rocky outcroppings of outrageous behavior, up on high, where the air is already too thin.

He is old school, where all publicity received is great publicity -- no matter what he's been caught saying and doing.  Shame and outrage no longer exist, so any braking mechanism for bad taste and worse behavior no longer exist, either -- there is no penalty or downside for being delusional, for being a bad boy, a lunatic, a psycho.

Everything that happens is positive feedback and reinforcement -- proof for him that he is right:  crowds, adulation, cheers, applause, the mania of supporters to touch the hem of his garment, to let them wash his feet if only he would let them...

* * *




10.  Obama / Clinton Invented ISIS

9.  Putin is good people, just wants to help

8.  Brexit was excellent idea, you'll see

7.  Zika was Bernie's doing

6.  Clinton has been stirring up the blacks & the Mexicans

5.  Amnesty for trillions of dollars offshore is good for the economy

4.  US must buy Cuba for U.S. tribunal & prison space

3.  Base on dark side of moon -- ours?

2.  LBJ had to kill JFK, RFK, MLK -- alien spys from Amylgorzt still here?

1.  Nixon -- best White House, ever!  What style!  America can be great again!

Issue to all campaign execs, along with my personally pre-approved, "best-words" talking points!

Still to do:

  • Work out schedule on loaves/fishes thing
  • When best for water walk (media coverage, etc.)
  • Incantations ready for November, January?
  • Weather cooperation locked in?
  • Check out selection of thrones, scepters, capes
  • Continents - decide a favorite to annex
  • Leverage stock markets to buy one another
  • Invent more ways people can like me -- and show it

NOTE:  I want hourly updates on these -- reminders to all senior staff; torture OK if no response

Today's Bonus:

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