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Scratching While Shooting the Magic 8-Ball

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In pool, having the cue ball leave the table -- jumping a bumper or plunging down a pocket-hole -- is a scratch.  Most people play as if it's not a big deal, that it's just the end of your turn.  You don't get to keep shooting.

However, in most forms of a game of 8-ball, if you scratch while shooting the 8, and pocket that 8-ball -- well, that's an instant loss.  Game over.

And that thought gives me no rest.  White American votes (for the most part) are the cue ball on this green-felt-topped, slate table-top game of politics, and The Trumpster is the 8-ball if ever there was one.

Come Voting Day:  Dump enough votes in the side slot while getting Trump in the Oval Pocket, and it's Game Over.

Easy as Trump playing pocket pool with the populace.

Yet, so simple, a child could figure it out:  Don't scratch while shooting the 8.

(Oh, and this is most emphatically NOT an allusion to assassinating that asshat -- only The Donald could get away with something like that, all the while getting cheered on madly by mad-hatter crowds, continuing to receive the full support of the NRA, the hearty endorsement of the Republican faithful, and ongoing prayers from religious stalwarts everywhere.)

Time, now, for me to stop talking, and get chalking... it is ...the break!

* * *

An Ode to Ol' Mr. Eight-Ball

(Or: Pride Goeth Before a Fall)


The Donald loves to scream and shout,

He's got himself a real fine pout.

Some say his "duck face" is for real,

But his skin and hair?  Too surreal!

Breathes real good, like from Jazzercise,

Helps him brag on His penis size.

Don't criticize his little hands,

He'll 'splain how hard he works the land.

'Course, brags are what he does -- it's Fate,

Hundreds daily, to irritate.

Crowned as Dictator, what a date!

Sure'd make his Amerika grate.

Business smarts?  Got tons! Help us woo

What's needed to bankrupt US, too!

We hope his Putin love affair

Doesn't end with us, in Red Square.

(If so, our dreams are done and pyre'd --

What then, all of us?)  YOU'RE FIRED!

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