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Obama and your Grandma

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More of that big government interference with your doctor and hospital is now taking effect. Medicare will start levying fine on hospitals that have excessive re-admissions within 30 days for certain complications from treatment (or lack of, or shoddy care). It will be based on statistical analysis of patient records, and to begin with it will only apply to heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia.


This will be expanded to other ailments that hospitals are notorious for cutting corners on. The numbers will be available online so that you can see what sort of death trap your local care facility really is.


Medicare and Medicaid will also stop paying hospitals and doctors for fixing harm done to their own patients. Things like treating bed sores caused by hospital neglect, or that surgical instrument left behind in the patient. Those things will no longer be fixed on the taxpayer's dime, so you can expect to see much less of them.


The right thinks this nanny state interference is horrible, perhaps when grandma is turning blue they might reconsider. The problem is that when this works they will not see it, and will continue to believe the right-wing lies just the same. They are affected by thousands of similar 'government interference' everyday but don't have a clue about it.


We could get rid of the right if we simply stopped taking care of them. Unfortunately cholera and such spreads too easily. Maybe a big red button over an obvious trap door that says, 'DO NOT TOUCH, The Government will not save you'.

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