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Eighty big corporate CEOs are issuing joint statements through Murdoch's Wall Street Journal about the dangers from Congressional inaction on the fiscal 'crisis'. They talk down the economy, they are making announcements about layoffs, highlighting below expectation earnings, and generally spreading panic based on Congressional inaction on the 'fiscal cliff'. Just before the election, coincidence?  Probably not. Nothing about the 'fiscal cliff' requires immediate action, they aren't laying off people because of it, if they are really laying off people at all. Demand creates jobs, not corporate CEOs.


It doesn't matter what the 'lame duck' Congress or the President does right now about any of 'fiscal cliff' items. The Republicans demanded it be set up this way, when they were holding the country hostage over the debt ceiling. They would have had 'the fiscal cliff' happen on election day, but that would have been too obvious politics even for dull witted 'independent' voters. They just pretended that everything would 'magically' come to a head at the end of the year. Pssst, the fiscal year ended September 30th. The real concern is who will be making the decisions at the end of January, when it counts for the next two years.


GDP growth is up 2% in the third quarter despite the drought, the Euro crisis, high gas prices, sagging exports, on and on. In fact this signals that the economy is poised to get that 'pent up demand' bounce that the Republicans have been holding back. If the Republicans get to be in charge they will take the brakes off, and use the 'confidence fairy' argument to ram through more taxes cuts for themselves, end regulations on pirate capital, and set about looting more middle class wealth. If the Democrats prevail, they need do nothing but keep the Republicans at bay to boost the economy. That's the only downside, the Democrats might fail to enact any real reforms. Educating the public is the only solution to that.


The new Gallup Poll has the number of Americans who think 'they are worse off now' has dropped sharply from 49% to 34% during 2012 despite the constant drumbeat from the right. It could have something to do with the nearly one million people who found work in September. One more jobs report comes out before election day, you can bet on the election based on what that report says.


The right is incensed that Obama used the 'Bull Shit' word in a Rolling Stone magazine interview that mentioned that children prefer him overwhelming compared to Romney. (as if the children could hear him) The fact is that if you watch Romney with the sound off, with no knowledge of what he claims to believe, as a child would see him, you know he's the creepy man that they warned you about in the 'stranger danger' classes. Run, run, tell an adult, the policeman will protect you. Obama said 'it's too bad children can't vote'. Really it's too bad adults have forgotten the 'stranger danger' lessons. The right-wing voters think they will get candy.

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