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From An American: I Want to Apologize to the World

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From An American:
I Want to Apologize to the World

I am so sorry for the pain we have caused you...
for the pain and suffering we have caused to you,
your families, and your countries.

I am so sorry for the pain and atrocity. I am sorry for what
has been done to you, to the members of your families, and to the
once beautiful lands of the countries you live in.

I apologize to the entire world. I am truly sorry, that as an American
I do not have the power to control the behavior of our corrupt political,
corporate, banking, and military systems. I have no voice or choice
against their hideous and hurtful actions across the world.

To every person in every country who has suffered pain at the
hands of the American military, I want you to know that my heart
is in pain with you. I want you to know that I bleed with you for every
drop of blood shed by American military actions.

I am so sorry and my heart bleeds for the suffering of your children,
your wives, your husbands, your mothers and fathers,
for those wounded and for the dead.

I apologize and am so sorry for the destruction caused to
you, to your loved ones, to your homes and counties.

I know it will never be enough, I know nothing can ever
end the pain from the loss of your loved ones...
however, I still ask for your forgiveness. I apologize. I am so sorry.

Please remember, Americans are not the terrorists.
Our government are the terrorists. The banking and corporate elite
are the terrorists. Those in the military, who in their ignorance,
fight for a corrupt regime, they are the terrorists.

For myself, for all of them, for all Americans,
I ask for the forgiveness of the entire world for our actions.
I am very sorry.

TVNL Comment: The author did not want his name published. If he changes his mind we will post it.

To understand the scope of America's hand in global is an important "confession" that the criminally complicit US establishment media did not tell you about... Click to see video confession.

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