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Thank You Microsoft!

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Thank you for using your financial might and ruthless business practices to destroy almost all of the competition out there so that for the most part PC users have only your inferior products from which to choose. (Mac and Linux users aside)

Thank you for your latest set of "security" patches that have caused EVERY ONE OF MY COMPUTERS TO BLUE SCREEN 20 TIME PER DAY RENDERING THEM USELESS! And thanks for not making a public apology about this.

Thank you for the many service packages and updates that have steadily degraded my computers performance, forcing me to spend more money on things like RAM just to keep from having to buy a new computer.

Thank you for rendering obsolete my computer and operating system each second year, along with everything I purchased or re-purchased because whatever I still had was not compatible.

Thank you for the many "improvements" to your operating systems that render the thousands of dollars worth of hardware and software I have purchased useless.

Thank you for creating products that freeze up, crash, destroy data and simply implode for no known reason.

Thank you for not providing me with support.

Thank you for that wonderful "Me" operating system (remember that piece of crap?) Perhaps the worst quality product to ever be legally sold in this nation other than Chinese scooters.

Thank you for taking my money and sending it to India and to China, leaving my many friends in the technology field to figure out how to pay their mortgage and wondering why they spent so much money on an education in this country.

All kidding aside, I seriously want to thank you for not making cars, food products, medicines, life-sustaining medical instruments or anything that really matters. Because if you did, and you dominated those markets as you do the desktop computer market, and most of the competition was exterminated, one way or another you would literally blue screen us all to death!!! So seriously, thanks for just fucking up the PC! Now pardon me. I have to go download Linux, if my PC can stay on long enough!

Sincerely yours.

Jesse Richard - Founder,

Permission granted to copy and post this commentary free of charge, providing a link back to the original article is included and is credited.

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