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Why Israel?

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I can think of no greater mystery in all of American politics that the reasons behind the blind support the US gives to Israel.

There is an old joke about why Israel will never become the 51st state of the United States…it is because that would mean that they only have 2 Senators!

Time and time again I have watched politicians publicly declare their support for Israel. Politicians who will never ever make a decision that affects Israel still feel the need to pledge their allegiance publicly. Local assembly people, mayors, dog catchers…every American politician must declare their support for Israel or else they risk losing their office.

Why? In my entire 44 plus years on this planet I have never heard one damn reason why we have to pledge blind and unconditional support to Israel. Not once. Not from a politician and not from a pundit. The reasons for our support are as deep a secret to the public as are the agendas of secret societies, the global power broker group know as the Bilderberg Group and the goals of our Project for a New American Century (PNAC) government.

Somebody tell me what Israel has done for the US during my 44 years? During my 44 years I have watched Israeli persecution of the people who lived on Palestinian soil prior to the creation of the Jewish state. I have watched dozens of UN Security council violations ignored while others were voided by sole American vetoes. I have watched billions of American tax dollars head over to Israel while I had to walk by homeless New Yorkers on a daily basis. Yet in all my life I have never witnessed a single event that made me feel that our friendship with Israel benefited my own nation.

This is a truly one way relationship yet I am not sure which way it actually goes. I am not sure if the US is controlled by Israel or if Israel is an arm of the US. One of these two scenarios has to apply for nothing else makes sense. Then again maybe, as with many governmental issues there are things we do not know.

There is a great deal of speculation out there, and there has been a great deal of research done on this topic. We can end the speculation if a single American politician would come forward and deliver, along with his or her pledge of allegiance to Israel, a clear and valid reason to support a nation that under present circumstances clearly does not deserve our support.

Somebody…please explain this to me!
Jesse - Editor, (Originally published on my blog - 12-June-2005)

Context: Anti-Semitism office planned at State Department - LINK (This article was on the Washington Post website. It has been removed) - President Bush plans to sign a bill passed by both houses of Congress that would establish a State Department office to monitor anti-Semitism around the world, despite the department´s strong objection, administration officials said yesterday.

More: Under fire for saying that the United States should be even-handed in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, 2004 Democratic presidential front-runner Howard Dean Wednesday said he would not abandon the long-standing policy of strong U.S. support for Israel. Link.
JESSE’S COMMENT: Why would someone have to defend himself for saying such a fair statement?

More: Israel's Mr. TV slams the Israeli occupation (Link vanished)JESSE’S COMMENT: You never hear in the American media about the Israelis and Jews who object to the actions of the Israeli government.

More: In Congress, support of Israel at peak pitch - White House faces lawmakers eager to lay down markers of solidarity with longtime Mideast ally. Link

More: Law of Belligerent Occupier - Link - What are the rights and obligations of “Occupying Powers,” the legal term for countries that occupy an adversary's territory?

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