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Israel & the Media: The Real Anti-Semites

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Let me tell you about the real onslaught of ant-Semitism that few people seem to notice. Let me tell you about the exploitation of Jews the likes of which outweigh the anti-Semitism practiced by Hitler and the Nazis. Let me tell you about atrocities and injustices being committed while their perpetrators hide behind the word "Jews" and allow Jews around the world to take the heat, and face wrath of people they have not themselves victimized.

Let me tell you about Israel, a nation living on a false reputation and claims that are contradicted by reality and history. And let me remind you about the alarming rising tide of anti-Semitism that is targeting Jews in many countries around the globe.

First off, let's get something straight once and for all...Israel is neither a religion nor a people; it is a politically established nation. Opinions, discussions, reports, analyses or commentaries about Israel have nothing to do with "Jews," "Jewish" people or "Judaism!" Once you understand this you can now understand how anyone who stifles accurate commentary about Israel by slapping the commentator with an anti-Semitism label is using, and may I say exploiting the Jewish people by directly connecting all Jewish people with the actions of the State of Israel.

If I chose to write an article critical of Jewish people or Judaism, the words "Jewish people" or "Judaism" would be in the article. I would write about the religion, the people who follow the religion or the Jewish community in general. When I write about Israel or about something done by Israelis I am not connecting that topic to the religion of Judaism or people who identify themselves as Jews. Why is that so hard to understand?

Israel is a nation whose conduct and actions are controlled by its government officials, not by global community of Jewish people. Its policies are made by a parliamentary government that answers to 5+ million Israelis, and not to the other ten million Jews who live elsewhere in the world.

However, people who conduct and defend the atrocities committed by Israel force the rest of the world to assume that every Jew on the planet has a hand in every Israeli action. Let me say this once and for all...Israel alone is responsible for the actions of Israel.

I am laying the blame for a great deal of global anti-Semitism at the feet of the people who have caused it...Israel, and the people in the media who slap a label of anti-Semite on anyone who reports or criticizes Israel.

Let me give you an example of how this works. Let's say a man named Joe owns a Ford truck. Joe drives his Ford truck all over the country and while driving around he runs people over and kills them. Now let's say that a reporter such as me reports part of this story by writing an article entitled "Joe Kills Five More Children." Then imagine that when I publish this report on my website the controlled establishment media immediately labels me "Anti-Ford" or "Anti-Truck." They all accuse me of being against your right to own Ford trucks or trucks in general. In the meantime, the public is now confused and there is a public argument about whether people should be permitted town trucks or own Fords. During all this, Joe gets off easy because anyone who wants to hold Joe to account has to face the pro-Ford or pro-Truck contingent.

Now the truth is that the media in this case are responsible for two things...creating a false negative public opinion of both Ford and trucks in general, and they distracted us from the real issue, Joe. In essence they are protecting this criminal by distracting us from his atrocities and by discrediting the reporter.

I am sure most of you realize that Joe is Israel and Ford trucks are "the Jews." The media has protected Israel by creating the false impression that the atrocities committed by Israel has something to do with Judaism or "the Jews", in effect making any and all criticism of Israel a condemnation of Jewish people.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. However the establishment media has made it part of their mission to blur the lines between "Israel" and "the Jews" so as to stifle any criticism of Israel. In recent history, anti-Semitism is a no-no and ostensibly is not tolerated anywhere in the western world.. So all the media have to do is bind Israel to "the Jews" and suddenly any negative discussion about Israel is a no-no, no matter how truthful and accurate.

In a nutshell, Israel commits atrocities and injustices, violates human rights and international law, and then hides behind the Jewish people at large. In the American media, Israeli attacks are always reported as defensive, just as Palestinians are portrayed as unprovoked killers out to destroy Israel. Every death of an Israeli is reported as an act terrorism and every death of a Palestinian is either ignored or reported as collateral damage.. By allowing the blame for their aggression to be shared collectively by Jews around the world, Israel is no better than any terrorist who uses a child as a human shield. The only real difference is that the media defend one and not the other.

I anticipate a great deal of hate mail for this article. I anticipate accusations of anti-Semitism no matter how clearly I have tried to explain the difference between Israel and the Jews who are not party to its actions. I anticipate such irrational reactions from those who still believe that Israel can do no wrong.

And that is patently ridiculous.


  • Israeli press has an agreement with it's military to only report what is approved when it comes to Israeli military actions against Palestinians. Associated Press agrees to censor news in cooperation with the media - Link
  • State Dept: Criticism of Israel = Anti-Semitism? - In the most recent edition of its annual “Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism” released Thursday, the State Department — and hence the U.S. government — moves ever more closely to a long-standing neo-conservative tenet: that criticism of Israel or Israeli policies often, if not always, equals anti-Semitism. The report also suggests that comparing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories to South African apartheid — as former President Jimmy Carter did in his 2006 book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid — also amounts to anti-Semitism.
  • Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land - This pivotal video exposes how the foreign policy interests of American political elites--working in combination with Israeli public relations strategies--exercise a powerful influence over news reporting about the Middle East conflict.
  • U.S. Government Equates Some Criticism Of Israel With Anti-Semitism - The Bush administration has taken the groundbreaking step of identifying some virulent criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism, as it warns that anti-Jewish attitudes and incidents are on the rise worldwide. - In a town where tone often matters more than substance in assessing a government’s priorities, the pronounced focus on anti-Semitism stands out, especially when compared to the State Department’s separate, relatively muted report on human rights worldwide.

Video exposing one of the many atrocities committed by Israel, the Nazi like racism of some Israelis and the cooperative relationship between the Israeli media and the Israeli military.

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