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Rightful Owners

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$25 billion sounds like a lot of money, but when consider that there are individuals that could write a check for that amount, it’s not that much. Compared to the 150 billion in bonuses that Wall Street bankers take each year it’s really not much at all. Compared to the trillions in economic damage done by this grand conspiracy it’s just a rounding error.

Compared to the 4 million people who have lost their homes so far, do to the fraud of the Bush Crime Family, it works out to $6000 each. Enough to pay for a used car to live in, and really those people are only eligible for $1500 each, so it‘s just gas money for the “house.“ The rest goes to write-down mortgages, which means the money really goes to (wait for it) the banks.

Last Updated on Thursday, 09 February 2012 22:51

Dickens and Eastwood

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Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do you? Willard Romney isn’t feeling lucky after finishing dead last in Tuesday’s voting. He’s hopping along on one foot as his ammo has largely been spent making himself dance. His one claim to credibility as a candidate was his business acumen. Yet in his expert opinion Detroit should have been allowed to fail ending car manufacturing in America forever.

The absolutely un-American thinking of billionaires and billionaire wannabes like Romney was made obvious to all by a Republican actor whose reputation rivals the sainted Reagan, except this one can act, and is intelligent.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 February 2012 23:29

Our turn to sweat, cry and bleed

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A third of million new jobs were created in January according to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s household survey. This exceeds the quarter million job gain shown by the employer survey. Historically, these two surveys confirm one another except when unusual growth is seen. The household survey had been diverging from the employer survey by larger and larger numbers over the past year.

This divergence probably indicates exceptional growth in small business activity and among new entrepreneurs not adequately represented in the employer survey. This could be tied to the sharp growth in manufacturing jobs with 50,000 new workers added last month as reported by employers.

Last Updated on Saturday, 04 February 2012 00:11

272 billion reasons to feel depressed

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In case you’ve missed the good news on the corporate media; the total GDP of the US is now greater than it was before the Bush crash. Not surprisingly, President Obama gets no credit for this. Just saving the auto industry is a big deal. Let’s cut through the Republican crap on this; the loans to GM and Chrysler weren’t designed to save those companies per se.

Detroit automakers could have in theory recovered using traditional bankruptcy protections, in other words by stiffing their creditors. The problem with this “solution” is that it would have in fact killed not only GM, Chrysler and Ford; but Toyota had said flatly that they would cease North American operations under the Republican solution pushed by Mitt Romney and Senators from the southern states.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 January 2012 23:40

Name a Prison for him

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Capitalism shouldn’t be confused with business or anything else that’s good for you.

Simply put, capitalism is the buying and selling of someone else’s business, whether it’s the looting of companies by the Leveraged Buyout Specialists at Bain Capital, or the monopolization of a particular commodity by the likes of Enron. A capitalist by definition does not create, does not produce, and does not contribute to anything but his or her own bottom line.

Capitalism is about the use of capital to one’s own advantage while taking what other people have produced, and nothing else. It’s not about workers vs. employers except that capitalism demands the exploitation of workers because there’s profit to be had there. That's not different from the profits made in war or any natural disaster when capitalists are allowed to take advantage of the situation.

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