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Numbers are just a Theory

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The Numbers Deniers claim that the unemployment rate dropping below 8% is a vast government conspiracy orchestrated by the Muslim-Keyan-socialist-liberal-anti colonial-fascist in the White House. Their proof, the report was created using Arab 'numerals', we all know that real Americans would use Chinese made 'numerals' bought at Walmart.


To understand what is really going on requires some background, the initial jobs reports that come out each month are based on surveys, and are revised later as more data comes in. The job creation number is based on an employer sampling survey, and this number can be way off

from reality if the growth or decline is concentrated in a particular area.


The un-employment rate is based on the Household Survey that gives a much broader number. The right is claiming the rate only dropped below 8% because millions of people have given up looking for work. They are either lying, or didn't even look at the data (the moral equivalent of lying). The survey shows that 873,000 people found work in the past month, an eight-fold difference from the corporate dominated employer survey. Adjusted for past seasonal hiring trends, the BLS put the number at 294,000. This is still nearly 3 times the employer reported number.


You can find support for the bounce in job creation in business news media. Large retailers are engaging in massive hiring for the Christmas season, this would likely also be occurring in small business that wouldn't show up as quickly in the employer survey. Then there is the 'underground' economy that wouldn't show up in the Employer Survey but would in the Household Survey. Housing starts and home sales have ticked up sharply and that would create many 'under reported' jobs.


The Republicans have done everything possible to cripple the economy with local austerity measures, interference in government policy, and with corporate out-sourcing. Lately they simply 'talk it down' for political gain. The fact is that things are getting better and the Numbers Deniers can't stop it.

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