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The mega store chain Walmart, that one that likes to drape itself in Red, White and Blue in order to better sell its Communist Chinese goods, has announced it will 'create' 100,000 jobs for military veterans. Why will it push 100,000 already poor people out of the way in favor of giving poverty wage jobs to the veterans of George Bush's imperialist follies? Because it will get hundreds of millions in cash from the government for doing so. They wouldn't do it otherwise, this isn't without risk. These people are trained in combat, and have served under fire...


Even more risky for Walmart is that these people have been instilled with certain 'liberal' values. Things like real teamwork, where all pull together for the whole, and 'no one is left behind', the kind of thinking the Walton family really doesn't want their workers to even dream about. After all, in just 30 years the five Walton heirs have accumulated  more wealth than the bottom 40% of the entire United States of America, and they're only getting started.


Back in Washington, among Republicans there's a dearth of talk about any actual cuts to the budget, but one thing that keeps bubbling up is Medicaid. Republicans can't resist a chance to kill some poor people by denying them medical care, but with 2/3 of the budgets for corporate owned extended care facilities dependent on Medicaid, it's a real dilemma.  These institutions are everything from the local nursing home and the small town hospital up to the specialist corporate hospitals that really, really make a lot of money. Their budgets will essentially evaporate if Medicaid were to be cut to any degree.

Conservatives constantly harp on the notion that charity should only be done by churches, but Christian charities also get 2/3 of their budgets from the federal government. Why do you think the Bishops were outraged by the Ryan budget? If you are cynical about their true motivations, you might think it's because it would put them out of business.


The notion that there would suddenly be more money in peoples' pockets to give to charity if there were no government is absurd on the face of it. Massive unemployment, collapsing economy, deflation, and so much more.... they'll tell you that anyway, they aren't big on that math stuff. Numbers have a liberal bias, as do colors and shapes. Never mind what that 'liberal' gravity will do to the conservative 'true believer' who thinks he can fly.


In short, Republicans don't want to cut any real money out of the budget. Sure they want to make as much misery as they can, but the money still has to keep flowing to the 'disaster capitalists.'  They have to take care of the very rich who hold the remote control to that electrically charged clamp around their privates. The good news is that Anonymous is working on getting the activation codes....

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