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Recent polls find that exactly 50% of Americans comprise half of it’s population. Hmm, what a useful survey;-)

When you poll people who are not informed or misinformed about the details of an issue the poll is invalid. The results simply prove how uninformed people are. The networks misinform the public about an issue and then they turn around and poll the same misinformed public on how they feel about that issue? Perhaps they should poll the people on their knowledge of the issue first and then poll them about how they feel. They will never do this because it would expose they fact that they are misinforming their viewers.

A few points to ponder:

  • When did news polls become relevant? The “News” networks “ASK US” things like “Who is a greater threat to world peace, Sadam or Bush?” ASK US??? Shouldn’t they be TELLING US??? Shouldn’t they be giving us enough facts to help us come to an informed conclusion?
  • Opinion or clairvoyance? It is one thing to poll people on how they feel regarding an issue, but the new trend is to poll people about how they feel about the future. It is one thing to ask how we feel about invading Iraq; this is a valid question. What purpose does it serve to ask how long we think the invasion will last? What does that show? On any given day take a look a Wolf Blitzer’s polls. Most of them are prime examples of these childish questions. Some however, are a bit more, shall we say, intelligent.
  • Completely invalid questions. Example: they ask us if we support the war, yet the public is so misinformed that their opinion is irrelevant. Ask first if they know that the US used forged documents as evidence of Iraq attempting to acquire nuclear material. Ask next if they know that Colin Powell cited a 12 year old thesis, written by a student who had never been to Iraq, as the basis for his intelligence during his 1st presentation to the UN Security Council and that it was not reported in the US is because we conveniently went to code Orange and only reported about that. Then ask if they understand that Bush has no evidence on any connections between Al Quaeda and Iraq, and that almost the entire world intelligence community feels that there are no links. Then, if they know all of that, ask them if they support the war. That is a valid poll. Current polling is very misleading.
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